Archaeologists Discover At Least 20 Ancient Coffins in Egypt

Archaeologists Discover At Least 20 Ancient Coffins in Egypt

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Archeologists in the Egyptian city of Luxor have unearthed at least 20 ancient wooden coffins, in what Egypt's Antiquities Ministry said was one of the "largest and most important" discoveries.


Egyptian Antiquities Ministry to provide more details at a press conference

In a brief statement on its website, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry said the coffins were discovered in the Asasif Necropolis, which is located in the ancient town of West Thebes. The coffins discovered are colorful and include paintings and inscriptions. The ministry plans to release more details at a news conference on 19 October.

The Al-Asasif Cachette. Intact and sealed coffins. More details to be announced on Saturday..Keep tuned

— Ministry of Antiquities-Arab Republic of Egypt (@AntiquitiesOf) October 15, 2019

The coffins were found in two layers with the top ones laying across the coffins below it.

According to one media report many of the tombs at Asasif date back to the Late Period of ancient Egypt which spanned from 664 to 332BC. Some of the tombs are from the 18th Dynasty which reigned from 1550 to 1292BC.

Egypt has been on a roll

This isn't the first discovery for archaeologists in Egypt in recent days. Last week the Antiquities Ministry announced the discovery of 30 workshops that were used to manufacture furniture that went into the tombs of kings in the Valley of the Kings. According to one report, the archeologists found a kiln used to make pottery and metal. The workshop was in use from 1539 BC to 1292 BC. Archaeologists have been working in the Valley of the Kings for nearly three years, with the project kicking off in December of 2017.

Watch the video: Egypt unveils 3,000-year-old coffins at Saqqara necropolis (June 2022).


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