17 Volkswagen Campers That Will Make Your Camping More Comfortable

17 Volkswagen Campers That Will Make Your Camping More Comfortable

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Ah yes, camping season is almost among us. Of course, you could go the traditional route getting a tent or some survival gear. However, why not upgrade your camping experience this summer with a camper? Though the idea of braving the elements may excite you, campers can be a fun, convenient way to venture off into uncharted territory without the Bear Grylls survival skill set.


But, let’s backtrack. What is a camper you ask? Though the term is generic and has even been used to describe RVs, the camper is usually a small to a large-sized vehicle that is self-propelled. Also, called the campervan, the vehicle is usually built with a coach built body for the use of the accommodation.

Dating back all the way to the late 19th century, the camper (obviously not self-propelled) was a staple of American culture for those who wanted to travel out West and venture into the unknown with their families.

In the 60s among the rise of hippie culture and of course the eventual “ Summer of Love”, one camper emerged in the Western part of the United States that would eventually become synonymous with hippie culture, the VW camper.


The Volkswagen Camper Van though odd looking is still charming and is spacious enough to keep you comfortable on an adventure. To this day the VW camper is still being created and for good reason.

When done right the VW Camper can be filled with a host of amenities that could potentially rival your living room. From amazing custom models to some vans currently available on the market, here are some of the best looking and homey campers for your adventures this summer.

60 Years in the Making

The Volkswagen California Camper Van is what you would ride around in if you are looking for something modern and reasonably priced.

Forget building up any of your previous VWs, this Van not only comes with a host of impressive of amenities like its kitchen, or twin sized bed, California has a host of driver assistance systems to make your time on the road easier.

Grander Camping

Ok, perhaps you want to travel a little more luxuriously on your next beach adventure, so maybe you should try out the VW Grand California. Take what you love about the VW camper mentioned above and add amenities like a bathroom, room for two beds, and some cutting edge technology and you are ready for some grand camping.

The Green Machine

St. Patty’s Day? Or perhaps you are a little obsessed with green? This VW green extended camper may be the perfect choice for you. Featuring the classic interiors found in many of the campers found on this list, the van itself looks as if it has been touched by a Leprechaun.

Surfs Up Bro

This VW Camper has truly been extended. The elongated body is great for those who need to hit the California Beach this summer with all of your closest friends and of course their surfboards. Not to mention, that “wavy blue” color always looks good right next to the ocean.

The Perfect View

The beauty of the VW Camper and its loyal fans is seeing the plethora of creative ways people use the camper to fit their needs. Why not turn your camper into the upper decker ultimate cabana? Complete with a shabby umbrella to protect you from the harsh sun, this camper van will have you relaxing in style.

Drinks Galore

People use their campers for a fun host of reasons and just like the emergence of the food truck, so has begun the growing trend of the food and drink camper. Usually completed with a host of modifications, these campers usually operate like mini shops for those who want to offer the public a nice cool drink or some delicious food, preferably fish tacos.

Hammock Campers

Sometimes finding a hammock in the right place can be tricky. However, this camper lets you bring one wherever you go. A revolutionary feat of engineering, not only can this camper support one hammock, but it can support...two. With ample room on the roof of this VW camper, it is perfect if you want to relax, catch up on your tan, or do a bit of both.

Fun For the Whole Family

More space is always a good thing and allows for additional amenities, things that can make your camping trip much more bearable. Or maybe you want to bring your family on your next trip. This camper has the room to do all of that and much more. There are even gorgeous large windows sprawled along the camper to ensure your passengers do not miss a thing on their scenic journey.

Cute and Classic

You can not go wrong with the classics, and this VW camper is a beautiful reminder of that. The beauty of the VW Camper is that it allows you to bring what you need wherever you are. Even more so the camper is a reminder of how the van can be used as an inviting home or social area when parked.

To the Future

The Volkswagen ID BUZZ takes what people love about the original VW and turns it up to ten. The all-electric vehicle is expected to make its debut in 2022 and will pack with a host of features like autonomous driving.

Watch the Stars

Why not sit back and enjoy the stars in the camper? The extendable roof gives passengers that ultimate view while on their trip within the convenience of their VW van. Just simply put a bed up there and you will sleep as you have never slept before.

For You and The Band

This camper is reminiscent of 60s band culture. For the poor but talented band, the VW camper was the ultimate option for travel. Forget about traveling on a big expensive tour bus. A VW camper had all the space you needed


Maybe you are on your way to Coachella and just simply need something that is spacious that can get you from point A to B without all the fuss of overtop amenities. This simple but spacious VW camper will do that will all the nostalgia of the festivals of the past.

The Batmobile VW

If you want to take the complete opposite approach why not hop into a VW that looks like Batmobile would use to drive the entire bat family. Equipped with a sleek black and gold finish the design of the VW will definitely turn heads on the road and on the beach.

Pimp My Volkswagen

We heard you like Volkswagen Campers so we lowered your VW Camper, added rims, and added a matte white exterior and interior that can be padded out with couches and carpet. We added a gaming rig so that you can play a couple of games of Apex Warriors.

Different But Still Volkswagen

Why not hop into a Volkswagen that is a little different from its peers. Though its design is a little odd, this Volkswagen Camper is perfect if you are looking for something a little different this camping season.

Time Travel Anyone?

The revamped 1967 classic edition of the VW camper will hit you over the head with its nostalgia. True to it DNA the design of the Volkswagen features amazing gullwing doors, the 60s inspired interior and of course all the necessary tools for time travel.

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