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A Bone-like Metal Foam Is Showing Wolverine-like Healing Properties

Penn engineers have developed a & 34;self-healing& 34; metal. While we& 39;re not about to see self-regeneration as impressive as Marvel& 39;s Wolverine, the findings could signal a big step in the field of mechanical engineering.The engineers call their technique & 34;healing& 34; as it shows real similarities to the healing process of bones - our bodies get energy from an external source, i.
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How Face Masks Gave Back Wounded WW1 Soldiers Their Dignity

The First World War would claim the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians. For those who survived but were horribly disfigured some were lucky enough to be given tailored face masks to help their rehabilitation back into civilian life.But these & 39;lucky& 39; few were not the norm. Many tens of thousands more would spend the rest of their lives constantly reminded of their time on the front.
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What is Bit Error Rate: BER tutorial

Bit Error Rate Definition & Tutorial Includes:BER basicsBER testingBit Error Rate, BER is used as an important parameter in characterising the performance of data channels.When transmitting data from one point to another, either over a radio/ wireless link or a wired telecommunications link, the key parameter is how many errors will appear in the data that appears at the remote end.
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